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We are not a mass production house. We take pride in what we do and each job is a custom job to us. All Pictures and Slides are:

>  Hand Scanned, one photo at a time.    

>  Individually cropped to the edge of the image

    (No Borders)   

>  Ensuring that each image is level and in the     proper orientation

>  Each Image is color and exposure corrected

>  All Slides are processed with Digital Ice

>  Photographs that are scratched, cracked or bent     can be repaired digitally and printed as new.


All images are saved as high resolution files on any digital format you request, CD, DVD, memory cards or hard drive.


Simple, quick slide shows with or without motion can be made as seen at right with your choice of music.

Custom slide shows with specific narration, motion, graphics, transitions and timed to music are available.

(See custom sample)

All photographs can be printed in any size up to 8X10 on professional glossy or matt photo paper.

Scanning Sample Quick Slide Show With Motion Sample Quick Slide Show Without Motion Custom Slide Show Sample

The award-winning DIGITAL ICE technology automatically removes surface defects, such as dust and scratches, from a scanned image. DIGITAL ICE Technology differentiates itself from software-only solutions because it does not soften, blur or otherwise alter any underlying details or composition of the original image. Instead, the patented DIGITAL ICE Technology works from within the scanner, during the scanning process, to provide users with a clear, authentic base image that improves the original image.

BEFORE AFTER Touch Up samples to remove  Imperfections in color, exposure,  tears, cracks or folds. Before After Before After After Before After